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Gorillas in the Snow

Thousands of primates are held in captive conditions worldwide, where they are routinely exposed to different stimuli compared to their natural environments. Primates develop a wide range of behaviours, shaped by their environments, which differ in frequency, form, context and/or intensity from the behaviour of their wild conspecifics . This study – by students of the Science College Maastricht – aimed to understand the abnormal behaviours and social interactions of the Western Lowland Gorilla in GaiaZoo, Kerkrade, Limburg, The Netherlands. in captive populations.

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P1060935The Sustainable Zoo

How can zoos better combine the protection of species while ensuring the quality of life of individual animals? The dilemma zoos face today is serious and we need to think urgently how to transform zoos over he next 20-30 years into ‘sustainable zoos’ – also from the animals’ perspective. Read more >>


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