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Pets Emotions Device (PED)

Do pets have emotions? Their owners say: “Yes!”

NaamloosIt is difficult to determine whether animals experience emotions in the same way as humans. It is not always clear what an animal feels, and you can easily be wrong in judging the nature and strength of their feelings. Yet in everyday life emotions are regularly assigned to animals. We might therefore assume that animals ‘ use ‘ their emotions to adjust their behavior to a certain situation.  Read more >>

Humans, Animals and Nature: A Sustainable Relationship?

woman cowOne day symposium on “Humans, Animals and Nature: A Sustainable Relationship?”

In this symposium, human-animal-nature relationships will be discussed from a sustainability, ethical, human health, urban planning and political perspective.

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AnimalWise in Action

P1060935The Sustainable Zoo

How can zoos better combine the protection of species while ensuring the quality of life of individual animals? The dilemma zoos face today is serious and we need to think urgently how to transform zoos over he next 20-30 years into ‘sustainable zoos’ – also from the animals’ perspective. Read more >>


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