Pets Emotions Device (PED)

Our  own  well-being  is  closely  connected  with  the  welfare  of  the  animals  with  whom  we  live. Understanding and empathizing with animals would provide a change toward a more animal-friendly, and  hence  sustainable  society.  By  taking  the  companion  animal-owner  relationships  as  a  starting point, we propose to develop a device that is able to quickly assess a dog or cat’s emotions by using our cell-phone. This so-called Pet Emotions Device (PED) is a first step to increase our insights in the behaviour and emotions of the animals that are closest to us – our pets, with the hope this will lead to more compassion with other animals (we eat, abuse or imprison) as well.


AnimalWise initiates the study of sustainable human-animal relationships and promotes action to improve the well-being of animals.

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