What is AnimalWise?

One of the few organisations focusing exclusively on bridging the gap between academic research and on-the-ground support and action to improve animal well-being and nature protection.

A “think and do tank” dedicated to moving beyond debate and theoretical discourse into real-world animal and nature  advocacy applications.

What does AnimalWise do?

Improving animal well-being by connecting it with science in order to transform human attitudes and behavior towards animals.

Promoting the inclusion of animal well-being and advocay in mainstream academic, political and cultural circles.

Cultivating a new generation of scientivists for animals and nature.

What are scientivists?

Scientivists are people that are engaged in a systematic activity to acquire knowledge (the ‘science part’), to promote, impede, or direct societal change (the ‘activist part’). Scientivism can take a wide range of forms from writing letters to newspapers or politicians, to economic activism, such as boycotts, sit-ins etc. It is, therefore, not a ‘job’ (as for most of us ‘being a scientist’ is), but rather an ‘attitude’. An attitude that may be urgently to move forward to a more sustainable society.