Pim Martens

Pim Martens has a PhD in applied mathematics ànd biological sciences. He is professor of Planetary Health and dean of Maastricht University College Venlo. Prof. Martens is project-leader and principal investigator of several projects related to sustainability science and education, in the context of human-animal-nature relationships, and environmental (climate) change and health. 

Chris Thomas

Professor Thomas is a zoologist specializing in spatial ecology. He read Zoology at the University of British Columbia and the University of Wales and was awarded a PhD in Zoology from Glasgow University on the spatial ecology of ravens in the west highlands of Scotland, combining field seasons in the mountains with analysis using satellite remote sensing and GIS.

Advisory Board

Marie-José Enders

Marie-José Enders is professor-emeritus Antrozoology at the Open University, The Netherlands. She has worked over 20 years at Utrecht University at the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, is advisor of AAIZOO and vice-president of the IAHAIO.

Andrea Meisser

Andrea Meisser graduated as a veterinarian from the Veterinary Faculty, Zurich University. He established his own practice for farm and companion animals in Davos, Switzerland. As a member of the Human and Animal Health research group of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute Basel, Switzerland, his main interests lie in the One Health approach to add more value to the health of humans, animals and the ecosystem.

Jan Rotmans

Jan Rotmans is a socially engaged scientist in the field of climate change & global change modelling, sustainable development, and transitions and system innovations. He became professor in 1997, at the Maastricht University and in 2004 he became full professor in transitions and transition management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.